Animated Encounters

Animated Encounters

A series of rotoscoped animations were produced as “catalysts for conversation” regarding issues of significance, identified by students, such as intellectual property in Art, Design & Media and the use/testing on animals in Medicine and Science. Vivifying dilemmas of practice this video series captures ideas based on quotes collected through online surveys with Stage One students in Art & Design, Medicine and Science faculties at UNSW Australia. The animated encounters utilized these dilemmas and have been embedded into a core, large course which prepares students to enter their Professional Experience Project (PEP)  in their final year of study.

Dilemmas of Art & Design

The video highlights some of the dilemmas encountered by Art & Design students. Based on written quotes of the most common ethical dilemma encountered by early career professionals, the animations act as innovative interpretations of the identified dilemmas. Using a gestural embodied approach and depicting rotoscoped human interaction, the impact of the short animation lies its capacity to visualise the specific subtheme of a dilemma acting as a useful discussion prompt to support teaching in a dilemmatic learning space.

Dilemmas of Science & Medicine

The video highlights some of the dilemmas encountered by Science & Medicine students. These animations have been used in courses and tutorials undertaken at UNSW in 2017 and proved an invaluable conversation and discussion tool for students and tutors.